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Reconnecting by disconnecting

There is limited cell service at Riverside Retreat. You'll probably be able to send a text if you stand still with your left foot raised 3 inches off the ground in front of that one birch tree, but other than that, service is spotty at best. And that's the way we like it.

Camping presents a beautiful opportunity to shift our perspective, re-align ourselves with nature and recharge our soul. Something magical happens when you are in the woods, it can leave you feeling rested and ready to take on whatever new drama 2020 has to offer this week.

Riverside Retreat is here to serve as your homebase for exploring the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, a stop over along the Cabot Trail or as your main destination as you walk the trails and float the river all weekend.

We are located just a short drive to the entrance of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Closer still though, is the park boundary. On one side of the Cheticamp River is the Riverside Retreat Campground, and on the other side is the national park. Wildlife and campers alike make equal use of the river's edge and you can often find evidence of different fur and feathered friends along the shore.

If you are doing the Cabot Tail, hiking in the Cape Breton Highland National Park or visiting the area of a bit, stay at Riverside Retreat and get some rest and relaxation. Recharge your batteries. Figuratively, of course, as we do not have power at the campground. (yet)

We're saving a spot for you, just let us know when you'll be over.


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